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This section will help you to understand how Evraon works and how to use it with maximum efficiency.

Ok, why do you need it?

  • to trade on crypto exchanges
  • to do it with minimal effort
  • to automate your trading with a help of a bot
  • to make you as mobile as possible.

These exchanges are currently supported:

  • Binance
  • Bitmex
  • Moscow and Saint Petersburg exchanges via Quik.

The app divided on two parts: to a server and to a client. By "server" I mean that all work will be done here and it is a main part. You can install the server on:

  • Android (server and client in one app)
  • any PC with installed Java.

You setup the server via the client, trade manually or with the bot, analyze public trades, study a chart, place orders, etc. The client will post all your queries to the server and then the server will post them to exchanges you work with. One thing should be highlighed: the server is owned by you. There is no "third party", only your software and an exchange. You private data (like API keys) will NEVER be transfered to anyone except an exchange.

Why the app is divided on the server and the client?

Because you will be able to install the server on your PC, then make a task for the bot and all internet data will go through your PC. Then you can connect to your server via mobile device and to trade manually. This will save your network data on mobile device and you don't even need the high quality internet on it.

There are some possibilities open for you - you can install the server part of the app to any external server nearby an exchange and the bot will be one of the first who get prices, trades, etc.

When traveling around the world, the mobile internet is often very poor or has limited data. But the hotel's wifi is good. Install the app on any Android phone, leave it in the hotel, then connect to it and use only when needed wherever you are.

What else Evraon can help you with?

  • you can add hundres of exchange's account and to switch between them quickly
  • you can add hundres of servers and to switch between them quickly
  • there are multiple skins inside the app. One of them made for an Amoled screen
  • order book was made for scalpers - long press on the price you are interested in to place an order and double press on it to place a stop order
  • order book Pro (only for professionals) with ability to place/cancel/edit order in one click or swipe!

Ok, let's go to the next chapter of our documentation.

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