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After installation you will be able to setup the server and app without problems and with instructions.

Download from Github

Ensure you have installed Java: can be downloaded here.

Create a new directory, e.g, on a desktop. Then type in a terminal:

java -jar
there is a space after -jar. Move evraon.jar file inside the terminal window and press enter.

You'll get something like this (Linux):

java -jar /home/user/Desktop/evraon/evraon.jar

Server will be started. Since then you'll be able to connect to it via mobile app.

How to connect to the server with the mobile app:

  • add new server
  • enter IP address of the computer you use (where the server have been working). Usually it looks like 192.168.1.x. Enter a port 5515. To find a correct IP address you need:

    • in Linux: type in terminal ifconfig, you'll see inet word followed by the IP address. Just find a corrent network interface of you Wifi from all list of networks
    • in Windows: press two buttons Win + X, then select command prompt, type ipconfig and enter. You'll see the IP address after IPv4.
  • Provide username and password. You can find them after first start inside server.json. They are randomly generated for every installation.

That's it, you can connect now to the server.

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