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After the start some files will be created inside a directory with the jar file:

  • keystore.p12 - certificate is needed for making a secure connection between the server and clients
  • configs.json - file contains configuration for strategies you'll use
  • notifications.json - notification settings
  • profiles.json - profiles with exchanges' data like API keys, fee, etc
  • server.json - server settings
  • subscription.json - stores your paid subscription's key
  • tasks.json - tasks for the bot and manual trading
  • telegram.json - Telegram bot's settings.


  • logs - if bot was setup to save logs in file this directory will hold log files. Old files will be automatically removed
  • sessions - stores open orders, closed orders, balance history. Balance history shows your Profit and Loss after trades by day
  • demo - stores information about demo exchange that is made by the app. It contains orders, virtual wallets and positions.
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